About the Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men's Health

The Community Based Research Centre for Gay Men's Health (CBRC) in Vancouver, British Columbia is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to using community participatory research to develop knowledge about gay men’s health and to develop interventions addressing health and social issues.

The CBRC Board of Directors is composed of visionary community health professionals with wide experience and expertise in gay men’s health including sexual health. The organization is committed to providing opportunities for gay men to get involved in building a healthy gay community.

Incorporated in 1999, CBRC is dedicated to continuous improvements in gay men’s health through research, knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE), strategic innovation and opportunities for training.

Active knowledge exchange is an important activity at CBRC. Every year thousands of gay and bisexual men keep us informed about trends in gay culture through surveys and program evaluations. To promote a climate of collaboration, we organize an annual BC knowledge exchange Summit linking 200 community volunteers, front-line personnel, public health providers and researchers who work with gay men.

We have a research focus on the social determinants of health in gay and bisexual men and the trends in young gay men’s culture. Population based studies can help us locate structural gaps and social inequities that impact the health of gay, bisexual, two spirit and other men who have sex with men.

CBRC has several program areas to help us fulfill our mission.

Sex Now Survey

CBRC has run the Sex Now survey since 2002. We have worked with community organizations throughout BC to collect data on gay and bisexual men. Since 2010 we have done two national SexNow surveys with samples over 8000. The survey has grown in popularity and results have contributed critical information on trends associated with HIV prevention in BC. The 2008 survey, for example, closely corroborated diagnosed HIV prevalence rates with biological sample evidence collected by the M-Track Surveillance Study in Vancouver. Surveys in 2010-11 have investigated the social determinants of health.

(We promote the survey online using: www.sexnowsurvey.com and www.sexeaupresent.ca or www.sondagesexnow.com)

Youth Training and Development

The Community Based Research Centre is committed to sustaining HIV prevention efforts for young gay men. Prevention education for young gay men must be the cornerstone of a comprehensive prevention strategy for gay men.

The Young Investigaytors Team is a project where young gay men, leaders in their own networks, get hands-on training in employable research skills while learning about the survey findings.

Based on data from the Sex Now survey, CBRC created and now distributes Totally Outright, an annual 40 hour peer leadership training experience in health promotion for young gay men ages 18 to 26. The program is produced in Vancouver by the Health Initiative for Men (HIM), and in Toronto by the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT).

BC Gay Men’s Health Summit 

The Summit

Since 2005, CBRC has sponsored an annual province wide gay men’s health summit. The first Summit brought together those who work and volunteer in gay men’s health in BC for a provincial consultation. CBRC invites presentations from those working and volunteering with gay men on themes that evolve with community health needs.

Gaining more knowledge of determinants affecting gay and bisexual men’s HIV vulnerabilities has been a continuing theme since these meetings began. Overall, the quality of presentations and commitment to progress in the Summit has been inspirational to many.

CBRC Website

The CBRC website underwent a major relaunch in 2012 and has since then become an important resource for those working and volunteering in gay men’s health and for those who want to learn more about gay men's health. Our website features articles and interviews from national and international gay health leaders, a regular blog from Sarah Chown, past Summit presentations and a myriad of other resources pertaining to gay men's health. Additionally, our online presence is also felt through social media sites like Facebook (Community-Based Research Centre) and Twitter (@CBRCtweets).

Please consider making a donation to help us in our work. You can make a donation in several ways. Click Support CBRC to find out more. We provide a charitable tax receipt.