Introducing the Investigaytors

The Investigaytors are a diverse group of young, community-minded gay men who are committed to "investigayting" gay men's health.

By continually learning and gaining skills related to research in health and social sciences, the Investigaytors mature into critically thinking and actively involved researchers. With their "hands-on" approach, the Investigaytors examine the experiences of gay men across Canada in order to shed light upon the strengths, challenges and diversities evident in the health of gay men today.

The Investigaytors had key roles in the design, collection and analysis of Canada's largest survey of gay men-the 2011/12 Sex Now Survey. The Investigaytors used the data they collected from the Sex Now Survey to analyze their own research interests related to gay men’s health, and published a report, Under the Lens, based on their findings. Their presentation from the 8th Gay Men’s Health Summit can be found in the Summit Resource Library.

In the summer of 2013, the Investigaytors embarked on the next chapter of their research journey: qualitative research. The Investigaytors presented their exploration of multiple qualitative methods, including body mapping, photovoice, interviews and focus groups, at the 9th Gay Men's Health Summit. Their presentation can be found under the “Resources” section of this website. The Investigaytors unveiled their latest publication, Gays of Our Lives: Stories uncovered by the Investigaytors, in an event at the Gallery Gachet: "Night of the Living Researcher."

Most recently, the Investigaytors completed an environmental scan of services for LGBT youth in BC with a focus on examining anti-stigma activities. Continuing on with the theme of stigma, the Investigaytors hosted Stigma Bash: A Night to Make Your Mark!, which served as a prelude to the 2015 Gay Men’s Health Summit, where guests participated in anti-stigma activities and short presentations. Their next project will be analyzing quantitative data from the 2014 Sex Now Survey. Stay tuned! 

Research by gay men, with gay men, to benefit, educate and inform gay men—the Investigaytors are on the case.