Sex Now Survey / Sondage Sexe au presént

Coming this fall is the 2014 Sex Now survey!

Lancement du Sondage Sexe au présent 2014 à venir cet été!

The Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health, in collaboration with the Health Initiative for Men will be launching the 2014 Sex Now survey in Vancouver this summer. The survey will target gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, from coast to coast to coast and will be available in French and English. The survey is part of a study funded by the Vancouver Foundation, “Life Course and Gay Men’s Health: implications for policy and programs”.  Much appreciation goes to the Vancouver Foundation for their support.

The BC Centre for Disease Control original commissioned CBRC to organize the survey in 2002 in response to a spike in HIV infection rates among gay and bisexual men in British Columbia. CBRC consulted extensively with Sigma Research in London on the survey design and dissemination strategies. For many years, the surveys were collected at Pride festivals in Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince George, Nelson, Nanaimo and Victoria, which mainly focused on monitoring the sexual health of the population.

In 2009 CBRC undertook an initiative to investigate social determinants of health with the survey. Because determinants of health research use large population data sets, we moved to include all of Canada in our online survey. In 2010 we sampled 7,920 and in 2011 8,600 men, making Sex Now the largest online survey of gay and bisexual men in Canada.

Between the new millennials and the aging baby boomers, gay men find themselves developing and delivering health programs for a multi-generational community. Community and public health education and policy consultants need information on gay generations to ensure our programs and services are reaching guys. Currently, little research exists about life course and gay men’s health. 

Because so little research exists on life course and gay men’s health, the 9th BC Gay Men's Health Summit held in November 2013 and brought together leaders to prepare the community on life course including Dr. Phillip Hammack from the University of California, Santa Cruz and Dr. Nathaniel Lewis from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Most recently CBRC’s Investigaytors organized two World Cafés focusing on all-ages discussion and building intergenerational communities in Vancouver and New Westminister. Discussions about gay generations and the 2014 Sex Now survey are continuing around the province in regional discussions organized by CBRC.

Thank you again to the Vancouver Foundation for supporting this project.


Several reports based on Sex Now survey and Sondage Sexe au présent 2011 are now available in our Resources library:

Who did Sex Now 2011?
Basic information on sexual orientation, age, relationship status and geographic location of the 8,607 guys who answered the questionnaire. Also covers: health knowledge, workplace disclosure, ethnicity and body image.

Sex Now 2011 Analytical Reports

Pride, Prejudice and Determinants of Health:
Gay Health @ Work
This plenary presentation by Terry Trussler from the 8th BC Gay Men’s Health Summit focuses on the relationship between workplace prejudice experiences and health outcomes.

Pride, Prejudice and Determinants of Health: 
What's trending with young gay men?
This report examines the emerging world of young gay men under 30 years of age including their use of social media, sexual health trends, the impact of being out in the workplace, and the role of resilience. 

Evidence of a Syndemic Among Young Canadian Gay and Bisexual Men: Uncovering the Associations Between Anti-gay Experiences, Psychosocial Issues, and HIV Risk.

Please contact lead author Olivier Ferlatte for more information: