Community Connectedness and Discrimination

Preliminary analysis of Two-Spirit and LGBTQQIA+ Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour participants of Our Health 2022

Ongoing colonialism and racism impact the lives of all those living in Canada. It is well documented that those who are not white, and/or perceived as not white, face barriers to basic freedoms that are rooted in these oppressions and that are further impacted by intersecting systems like heterosexism and cissexism. The Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) administered the Our Health 2022: Canada-Wide 2S/LGBTQQIA+ Community Survey online and an internal working group with lived experience was developed to lead work centering the voices and survey responses of participants identifying as Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (IBPOC). This report shows data specific to IBPOC participants of the Our Health 2022 survey concerning their experiences of community connectedness, and racial and gender- based discrimination. It is one piece of the CBRC’s work towards truth and reconciliation, and anti-racism solidarity.

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Community Connectedness and Discrimination
Community Connectedness and Discrimination
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