Our Team

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Jody Jollimore, MPP: jody.jollimore@cbrc.net
Executive Director

Brook Biggin: brook.biggin@cbrc.net
Program Development Director

Michael Kwag: michael.kwag@cbrc.net
Knowledge Exchange and Policy Development Director

Nathan Lachowsky, PhD: nathan.lachowsky@cbrc.net
Research Director 

Len Tooley: len.tooley@cbrc.net
Advancement and Evaluation Director

Jessy Dame, RN: jessy.dame@cbrc.net
Indigenous Two-Spirit Program Manager

Kirk Furlotte: kirk.furlotte@cbrc.net
Atlantic Regional Manager

Darren Ho: darren.ho@cbrc.net
British Columbia Regional Manager

Ben Klassen: ben.klassen@cbrc.net
'Sex Now' Research Manager

Francesco MacAllister-Caruso: francesco.caruso@cbrc.net
Communications Manager

Christof Milando: christof.milando@cbrc.net
Operations Manager

Jose Patiño-Gomez: jose.patino@cbrc.net
Digital Marketing Manager

Job opportunity
Prairies Regional Manager

Chris Draenos, RN: chris.draenos@cbrc.net
National STBBI Testing and Linkage Implementation Manager

Job opportunity
LGBTQ2+ Health Research Manager or Coordinator

Jaydee Cossar: jaydee.cossar@cbrc.net
'Advance' National Project Coordinator

Keith Reynolds: keith.reynolds@cbrc.net
Web Coordinator

'Do You Mind?' National Project Coordinator

David Purzycki: david.purzycki@cbrc.net
'Test Now' Project Coordinator

Sam Elemanov: info@cbrc.net
Administrative Assistant 

Job opportunity
Office Administrator

Terry Trussler, EdD: terry.trussler@cbrc.net
Senior Research Advisor

Rick Marchand, PhD: rick.marchand@cbrc.net
Senior Program Advisor

Our Team
Our Team
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