Creativity, partnerships and positive leadership

Closed captioning is available in both English and French.


Alexandre Dumont Blais will present how RÉZO has taken the reins of its community strengths and exercised its leadership role in healthcare and public health environments with unifying actions. The presentation will touch on RÉZO initiatives, including La Zone Rose, that have creatively pushed the boundaries of community action, and united private, institutional, and community partners to meet the needs of GBTQ+ communities. This presentation will also explain the challenges encountered in an organic project in a Village filled with needs, the issues involved in building and organizing care services adapted to our communities, and deliver some pertinent testimonials on the contribution of community action projects in proximity. This presentation will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the types of organizational leadership that can be put forward to consolidate links with the various stakeholders, in the best interests of our communities, and in correlation with their experience and recognition.

Disponible en français.


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Creativity, partnerships and positive leadership
Creativity, partnerships and positive leadership
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