Summit 2020 Posters

Below you'll find the posters presented at Summit 2020: Resistance and Responsibility. In light of the conference's transition to an online platform, presenters were invited to submit either a standard PDF poster, or to create a video of themselves narrating their findings.

Posters showcased below are only available in the language in which they were originally presented (English or French).

Associations between Anxiety, Depression & Community connection

Roberto Alor Soto (CBRC)

Sexualized methamphetamine use among gay, bisexual, and queer men: The need to address symptoms of depression and the desire to cognitively escape

Graham Berlin (Ryerson University), Trevor Hart (Ryerson University, University of Toronto), Syed Noor (Ryerson University), Mark Gaspar (University of Toronto)

COVID-19 and an HIV Responses, Critical Analysis from an HIV Community Organization

Gerardo Betancourt (CSSP)

Le projet HoT en bref

Étienne Chamberland (RÉZO)

Synergizing health interventions for Toronto gay and bisexual men (SHIFT): Increasing HIV prevention access and capacity through task-shifting.

David J. Brennan (University of Toronto), Maxime Charest (University of Toronto), Aaron Turpin (University of Toronto), Dane Griffiths (Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance), Barry Adam (University of Windsor), John Maxwell (ACT), Keith McCrady (2-Spirited Peoples of the 1st Nations), Robbie Ahmed (Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention)

Measures of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Canada and demographic disparities among those at elevated likelihood for HIV acquisition

Sean Colyer (OHTN), Nathan Lachowsky (CBRC, University of Victoria), Dana Paquette (Public Health Agency of Canada), Barry D Adam (University of Windsor), David Brennan (University of Toronto), Martin Blais (Université du Québec à Montréal), Axel J Schmidt (Sigma Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Abigail E. Kroch (OHTN, University of Toronto, Public Health Ontario)

Attitudes and perceptions of sexually transmitted infection pre-exposure prophylaxis (STI-PrEP) among men who have sex with men in British Columbia, Canada

Amit Gupta (CBRC, BCCDC), Aidan Ablona (CBRC, BCCDC), Tessa Lawson Tattersall (BCCDC), Troy Grennan (BCCDC)

Bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among GBM using HIV PrEP

Trevor Hart (Ryerson University, University of Toronto)

Depression and STBBI rates: Identifying the cofactors of depression and STIs among GBM

Trevor Hart (Ryerson University, University of Toronto)

Understanding the relationship between crystal methamphetamine use and STI diagnosis among GBM

Trevor Hart (Ryerson University, University of Toronto)

Experiences of Childhood Sexual Abuse Among Sexual Minority Men in Canada, 2019-2020

Stephen Juwono (CBRC, University of British Columbia), Nathan Lachowsky (CBRC, University of Victoria)

Longitudinal Uptake of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in British Columbia, Canada 2012-2019

Jatinder Khatra, Jordan Sang, Lu Wang, Nicanor Bacani, Nathan J. Lachowsky, Troy Grennan, Ann Burchell, Allan Lal, Eric Roth, Robert Hogg, Kiffer Card, David Moore

Partner Notification for Bacterial STIs among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (GBM) in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal: Results from the Engage Study

Gilles Lambert (Direction régionale de santé publique de Montréal)

Prevalence of and Factors Associated with Syphilis among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (GBM) in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver: Results from the Engage Study

Gilles Lambert, Herak Apelian (Direction régionale de santé publique de Montréal)

Characteristics of the HIV cascade of care and unsuppressed viral load among GBM living with HIV

David Moore (University of British Columbia)

Reframing Queer Health: Conversations on Belonging & Community

Lauren Morris

Addressing the Lack of Facilities for LGBT Seniors in Long-Term Care Homes

Terry Nelson

Substance use patterns among GBM in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal: Results from the Engage study

Syed Noor (Ryerson University)

Is Dating App/Website Use Associated with Sexual Behaviour at Risk for STBBI Transmission? Results from Engage-Montréal

William Pardoe (McGill University)

Cannabis use & mental health among sexual and gender minority (SGM) men: “Now I’m just on pot, and I feel great.”

Natasha Parent (BC Centre on Substance Use)

Developing a case based learning tool with equity seeking groups for service providers

Yoshi Perera (Moyo Health & Community Services), Laura Bouchard (Canadian Public Health Association)

Application Mobile RÉZO Santé

Julian Rodriguez (RÉZO)

Resilience and PrEP: Examining factors associated with resilience among HIV-negative GBM and the association between resilience and PrEP

Jordan Sang (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)

A Survey of the Health of GBT2Q Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Leslie Szeto (CBRC)

Evaluating MindMap: Perspectives about a low-barrier mental health service finder for British Columbia

Natasha Vitkin (Simon Fraser University)

Rumination, Risk, and Response: Exploring sexual health-related anxiety among individuals utilizing online sexual health chat services

Sarah Watt (Simon Fraser University)

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Summit 2020 Posters
Summit 2020 Posters
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