BC Regional Health Reports 2019

As part of our efforts to make research, stats, and data more accessible and shareable, we’ve compiled some information on the health of gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) into infographic reports. These are the updated 2019 versions of reports that gives an overview of gbMSM health in each of BC’s Regional Health Authorities: Fraser, Island, Interior, Northern, and Vancouver Coastal.

These reports present stats compiled from various sources, including CBRC’s Sex Now Survey—a nation-wide survey of gbMSM that reached over 8000 respondents in its previous iteration. They provide a snapshot for service providers, policy makers, and community members to add context and help support the work in bettering the lives of gbMSM in BC.

As shown in these reports, where we live impacts our lives as gbMSM. In BC, Vancouver Coastal Health is the region where the highest percentage of men reported having experienced being called homophobic names. It is also the region where we see the most number of guys who are out about their sexuality to their doctor or healthcare provider. In contrast, 60% of gay and bisexual men in the Northern region are not out to their family doctor or health care provider, suggesting that it is much harder to discuss our sexual health with our doctors in this region compared to other regions in BC. In the Fraser region, 55% of gay and bisexual men report being out about their sexuality to their friends, but only 41% are out at school, college, or university settings. Gay and Bisexual men in the Island region have reported experiencing rumors about their sexuality being spread about them, at a higher rate than men in other regions in BC. Gay and Bisexual men in the Interior region use outdoor cruising and parks to find their most recent sex partner, more-so than guys in any other region in BC. For the Interior Region, cruising is the third most popular way, for gay and bi guys to meet their most recent sex partner, after the internet, and mobile apps.

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Vancouver Coastal Health






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BC Regional Health Reports 2019
BC Regional Health Reports 2019
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