Free HIV Self-Test Kits Mailed to You

CBRC’s Test@Home program provides free HIV self-test kits by mail to 2S/LGBTQ+ folks anywhere in Canada. People can request up to four kits, which will be sent in discreet packaging from the Community Based Research Centre. People can use this service as many times as they like.

HIV self-test kits allow people to access HIV testing where they want, when they want, and in a private and confidential setting. This reduces common barriers to traditional forms of HIV testing, empowering more people to know their status. If you are someone who experiences barriers to testing, or simply want the convenience of testing in your own home, CBRC is providing up to four HIV self-test kits to 2S/LGBTQ+ folks in Canada. These kits can be for yourself, for friends, or for people in your sexual or social networks.

The INSTI HIV Self-Test is similar to the existing healthcare provider administered rapid HIV test available in many parts of Canada. It is a simple finger prick test that provides results in minutes. You can watch a video demonstration of how to use an HIV self-testing kit here.

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Need support? Have questions about the HIV self-test, or HIV in general? Reach out to a Test Now Buddy!

Test Now Buddies are available by phone, text and email to offer peer support and guidance about how to use the HIV self-test correctly. Buddies can also connect participants with HIV and STBBI prevention/care resources such as confirmatory testing and HIV prevention tools. Buddies can help connect folks with other relevant resources, like mental health support.

Toll Free Call/Text: 1-877-607-2272
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, responses within 1-2 business days
Closed statutory holidays and December 23 2023 - January 1, 2024.

Test@Home is made possible with the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Social Media Toolkit

If you want to contribute to the promotion of the Test@Home, help us spread the word by sharing information through your social media channels, websites, or newsletters. To help you do this, we have created a number of promotional resources for you to use, which you can access and download below.

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Social Media Messages
  • Order up to 4 FREE HIV self-test kits! Use them yourself or pass it on to your friends and partners.
  • FREE HIV self-tests… pass it on! Help us empower 2S/LGBTQ+ communities to overcome barriers to conventional HIV testing for ourselves, our partners, and our friends.
  • Winter weather keeping you inside? Receive the fast, confidential HIV self-test at home for free! Get up to 4 FREE HIV self-tests, use them or give them away.
  • The HIV self-test is a great way to learn your status if you haven’t been tested in a while. Get up to 4 FREE HIV self-tests for you and your partners!
  • HIV self-test kits are now available in Canada! Get up 4 free HIV self-tests mailed to you.
  • Curious about the HIV self-test? Want to try it for free? Order up to 4 FREE HIV self-test kits through test@home!

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