COMMUNITY PROFILES | Trans & Non-Binary People

Sexual and gender marginalized people experience numerous social, economic, and health disparities compared with their heterosexual and/or cisgender peers. However, there is a gap in the data needed to inform and measure Canada’s progress towards ameliorating these inequities. In particular, Canada has a paucity of data regarding trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people. With a few notable exceptions (e.g., TransPULSE Canada study), little population health research has been conducted with trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people in Canada. This is an underexplored area of research, which contributes to the erasure of trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit people from organizational policies and practices. In order to bridge this knowledge gap, the current report presents a socio-demographic and health profile of trans and non-binary participants from an existing population data source.


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Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) promotes the health of people of diverse sexualities and genders through research and intervention development.
COMMUNITY PROFILES | Trans & Non-Binary People
COMMUNITY PROFILES | Trans & Non-Binary People
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