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Thank you for donating to Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC). We’re grateful for your support so that we can continue promoting the health of people of diverse sexualities and genders.

CBRC is a non-profit charitable organization founded in Vancouver in 1999. We amplify the voices of sexual and gender minorities by mobilizing knowledge gained through community-led research. We aim to create positive changes to policies and practices affecting our communities. Recently, CBRC data has been used to inform policy alternatives to Canada’s discriminatory blood ban and the federal government’s proposed bill to criminalize conversion therapy.

Community-led research is core to our work and ensures we remain evidence-based and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. Our research is largely funded by grants which we use to conduct surveys, interviews, and data analysis. We rely on donations to broaden the reach and impact of our research findings, and influencing change through advocacy and policy development.

Our research has a greater impact when we can get it in front of decision-makers and gatekeepers, which is why donations are important to our cause.

Please provide your details below to donate to CBRC. On behalf of the Board, staff, and program participants and stakeholders, thank you for your support.

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Support CBRC
Support CBRC
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