Driving Change with Policy and Advocacy


  • Pathways to Poppers Regulation: Reducing Harms and Promoting Evidence-Based Drug Policy for Alkyl Nitrite Use in Canada
    Cameron Schwartz (CBRC), Rod Knight (BC Centre on Substance Use; Université de Montréal)
  • Trans Lives Legislated: A Historical Policy Analysis on Canadian Trans Rights
    Charlie E. Davis (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • What Blood Recipients Know About Blood Donation and Their Thoughts on Changing Blood Donor Screening for Men Who Have Sex with Men
    Katherine Hogan (University of Victoria, CHER group)
  • Not Far from the Classroom: Resisting White Supremacist and Anti-2SLGBTQ+ Rhetoric in Canadian School Communities
    Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah (Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity)

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Driving Change with Policy and Advocacy
Driving Change with Policy and Advocacy
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