Webinar: HIV Self-Testing

After years of advocacy, Health Canada is expected to approve the first HIV self-test in the country. As testing is the critical first step in HIV prevention, treatment, and care cascade, HIV self-testing will be an additional tool in our tool-box to reach Albertans who experience vulnerabilities for HIV as well as the undiagnosed.

We discussed important questions, including how the Community-Based Research Centre and Alberta's network of organizations dedicated to the health of Albertans and HIV/STBBI can work together to communicate key messages to our communities, what resources are needed to ensure we’re reaching individuals who experience barriers to testing, and where there are opportunities for innovation in our work.

Attendees of the webinar included ACCH, AAWEAR, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, Centre for Sexuality, EMHC, HIV Community Link, HIV Edmonton, Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation, MacEwan University, Medi-Drugs Pharmacy Mill Creek, Northreach, Public Health Agency of Canada and Turning Point.


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Webinar: HIV Self-Testing
Webinar: HIV Self-Testing
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