Advance National Progress Card

The Advance Progress Cards are a series of downloadable and shareable infographic reports that provide crucial information on the access and uptake of sexual and mental health services by members of our community.

The Progress Cards were designed to mobilize statistics from CBRC’s 2018 in-person Sex Now Survey into an easy-to-read communications tool regarding inequitable and insufficient access to combination prevention, treatment, and health services in Canada. For instance, did you know that 68% of HIV negative men not on PrEP meet the ‘high risk’ threshold for PrEP eligibility, but over 90% of them perceived their transmission risk to be low? Or that 54% of participants under 26 have not been vaccinated for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) even though HPV vaccination is free for GBT2Q people 26 years old and under in all provinces?

With these Progress Cards, service providers, community organizations, elected officials and other decision makers can have easy access to important national and regional information to help them make strategic, evidence-informed funding and policy decisions that are more reflective of the needs and priorities of our communities.

Download the National Progress Card here.

In the coming months, we will also be releasing city-specific cards for nine Canadian cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg).

CBRC is proud to be a co-founder and the national coordinator of the Advance Community Alliance, working with the country’s leading community-based organizations dedicated to GBT2Q health and wellness.

Authors: Len Tooley and Amir K. Bachari
Significant contributions from: Kiffer Card, Aeron Stark, and Jaydee Cossar
Reviewers: Nathan Lachowsky and Jody Jollimore
Design: Pulp & Pixel


Disponible en français.


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Advance National Progress Card
Advance National Progress Card
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