Investigaytors: Mental Health for Community

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the mental health of gay men? A snapshot of the research conducted by the HIM Investigaytors group.

The Investigaytors at Health Initiative for Men (HIM) wanted to highlight and showcase the resiliency of the gay, bisexual, queer (GBQ) and gender-diverse communities throughout the pandemic. With a focus on empowerment in mind, the Investigaytors got to work. The Investigaytors posed research questions related to changes in mental health over the pandemic, the types of supports and strengths people had access to, connections to community, and if living in urban, suburban or rural environments also had an effect on mental health throughout the pandemic.

Below are the findings to the research questions that the Investigaytors at HIM worked on.


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Investigaytors: Mental Health for Community
Investigaytors: Mental Health for Community
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