Democratizing Data and Mobilizing Knowledge for Community Action


Roberto Ortiz Núñez, Kiffer Card (University of Ottawa)

Two-Spirit, queer and trans communities in Canada have multiple and complex health and wellness needs as demonstrated by various surveys and reports over the past years (Sex Now Survey 2015-2020, Casey 2019). However, funding and policies to address those needs have not followed accordingly as they are subject to social biases that determine priorities (Card et al, 2022). In addition to the social biases that 2SLGBTQ+ communities face, it takes on average 17 years for any research evidence to reach clinical practice (Morris, 2011). This workshop looks to breach those challenges by exploring strategies for community leaders to mobilize data for the benefit of their communities (data activism). Participants will learn the history, context and methodology of CBRC’s Sex Now Survey, Canada’s largest and longest running community-based study of GBT2Q+ people. They will also learn how to access and mobilize Sex Now data using the OurStats data visualization dashboard online. This online tool democratizes data, by making access easier than traditional academic and knowledge outputs (Card et al, 2021). Through an interactive discussion and case studies, participants will also identify some persisting challenges regarding data access, policy and funding as well as some mobilization strategies and opportunities to get their communities’ needs and voices heard. Beyond the on-site learning and exchange, participants will part with a resource list including programs, websites, articles and other online resources and tools that will help them continue their journey to mobilize data, knowledge and communities for community action.

Disponible en français.


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Democratizing Data and Mobilizing Knowledge for Community Action
Democratizing Data and Mobilizing Knowledge for Community Action
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