Summit 2021: Truth and Reconciliation

* This presentation was originally recorded in English. Closed captioning is available in both English and French.

CBRC’s path toward Truth and Reconciliation has included a series of commitments and actions, starting in 2016 with an intentional approach to creating space at the Summit for Two-Spirit and Indigenous queer and trans people. The organization continues its journey at the 2021 Summit as we kick off with Two-Spirit Summit Day. To observe day one of the Summit as a day dedicated to the Two-Spirit community is another step we at CBRC are taking towards increasing visibility and an act of reconciliation. During this panel, we will include Elders and other leaders, both Indigenous and settlers, who have been transforming CBRC’s work to be more inclusive of and responsive to Indigenous communities.


Jeremy Jones, Martin Morberg, (CBRC), Jonathan Potskin, Rocky James. Moderators: Jody Jollimore (CBRC), Jessy Dame (CBRC)

Disponible en français.


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Summit 2021: Truth and Reconciliation
Summit 2021: Truth and Reconciliation
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