T4PnP Study

There is very little research and resources that directly engage trans folks who party ’n play (PnP). T4PnP seeks to fill this gap by working with trans folks who PnP to compile and share effective harm reduction strategies that serve the unique needs of our communities.

We will be hosting community consultations in January 2023 with trans folks who have lived or living experience with party ’n play/chemsex to discuss harm reduction, safer sex and partying, and navigating PnP as a trans person. This community consultation will help inform the development of an online/print resource about trans-specific experiences with and approaches to PnP. Honorarium provided.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/sEMM3gmiiLWbv4ib7


Disponible en français.


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T4PnP Study
T4PnP Study
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