Two-Spirit Dry Lab

Two-Spirit Dry Lab (2SDL) is Turtle Island’s first research group or lab that focuses exclusively on Two-Spirit people, communities, and experiences. The 2SDL is a collaborative of Indigenous and settler researchers and community leaders engaged in research at the intersections of Indigeneity, gender, sexual orientation, and geography. We work to promote best practices in sex and gender research and to grow new knowledge(s) that can be applied to improve the lives, health and/or wellbeing of Two-Spirit and other Indigenous people. The 2SDL has a capacity-building function—to develop promising practices for Indigenous and Two-Spirit research—as well as a discovery function—to identify factors that promote the health of Two-Spirit people, through our analyses and continuous learning and engagement with and for the Two-Spirit community.

We call ourselves a “Dry Lab” as a research group or laboratory that does its work on computers and not with beakers or Bunsen burners.

The 2SDL is generously supported by the CBRC, the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), and the Simon Fraser University Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Two-Spirit Dry Lab
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