Workshop — Model of community-based trans-affirmative care

* This presentation was originally recorded in French. Closed captioning is available in both English and French.

Isabelle Savard (Université du Québec en Outaouais, Centre Sida Amitié) and Nicolas Courcy (Centre Sida Amitié) - Transgender and non-binary people face multiple barriers limiting their access to health services, particularly for trans-affirmative care and sexual health care outside of large urban centers, where services are poorly developed. A community health clinic located in the Laurentians, Quebec, offers these services with an integrated and collaborative approach. The goal of this presentation is to showcase an inspiring model of care offered to trans and non-binary people using a community-based approach. This model, which offers trans-affirmative and front-line sexual health services, is based on the work of an interdisciplinary team composed of psychosocial workers from the LGBTQ+ and harm reduction communities; licensed practical, clinical and advanced practice nurses; and an infectious disease physician specializing in community health. These free services, adopting a holistic, person-centered and harm reduction approach, include: intake; needs assessment; psychosocial intervention; drug screening; screening, treatment and follow-up for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections; vaccination; contraception; hormone therapy; and assistance in accessing gender affirmation surgery or legal name and/or gender changes. This unique model in the region optimizes collaborative work and currently meets the essential needs of nearly 100 transgender and non-binary people who consult the center's services. This number of people being followed is increasing month by month.

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Workshop — Model of community-based trans-affirmative care
Workshop — Model of community-based trans-affirmative care
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