Brook Biggin Named Interim Executive Director, CBRC

CBRC is pleased to announce that Brook Biggin (he/him/his) has accepted the role of Interim Executive Director (ED), effective immediately. Biggin will be replacing Jody Jollimore, CBRC’s previous ED, who has left CBRC to take on the role of ED of our partner organization, CATIE. CBRC wishes Jollimore well in his new role and looks forward to working with him in this new capacity.

Biggin has been with CBRC since 2017, initially in the role of Regional Manager (Prairies) and most recently as the Director of Programs and Education. He currently leads a number of key initiatives across CBRC, which will ensure a smooth transition into the Interim ED role. Biggin will fill the Interim ED role until the Board completes its search for a new and permanent ED.

Portrait of Brook Biggin in front of a blue background.

“I'm honoured and excited to help CBRC navigate through the coming months while our Board searches for a new Executive Director,” said Biggin. “While this will be a learning experience for me, I know I can rely on CBRC’s excellent leadership team, our knowledgeable and skilled staff, and our passionate network of partners across the country. I look forward to working alongside all of you in this new capacity.”

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Brook Biggin Named Interim Executive Director, CBRC
Brook Biggin Named Interim Executive Director, CBRC
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