Check Yourself

Taking care of our sexual health can seem intimidating at first—this checklist can help!

In BC we have lots of tools to help us be in control of our sexual health as guys who have sex with guys, including guys who don’t identify as gay.

All your sexual health options in one place

One tool isn’t right for every job, so check the whole list and see what combination of tools work for you when it comes to building your sexual health. To check it off your list, Check Yourself.

Not sure where to access your sexual health options? Visit for a map showing clinics and other health care providers across BC and in your local area.


Download the Check Yourself poster:
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Illustration of man considering a clipboard with the text: "You've got choices: Condoms, PrEP, PEP"

Illustration of a hand holding a condom package and two blue pills with the text: "Combining tools - it's easier than you think!"

Illustration of a man taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror while a blue pill rests on his tongue

Illustration of a hand holding a phone displaying: "You're covered!" above a medication bottle labeled "PrEP"

Illustration of a hand reaching to a bedside table where a bottle of pills and condom packages rest. The text above it reads: \

Check Yourself
Check Yourself
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