Express Testing at Health Initiative for Men (HIM)

Panel: Improving Access to STBBI Testing for GBT2Q Communities in Rural/Suburban Settings through Alternative Testing Modalities

The barriers GBT2Q men face in accessing testing for HIV and STBBI are greater for those living in rural/suburban areas. This panel involves an exploration of both current and future alternative testing modalities in Canada, and their potential impact on reducing barriers to testing for GBT2Q men, with a focus on rural/suburban areas. Panelists will also dive into the facilitators and barriers involved in implementing alternative STBBI testing methods.

Presented by Hans Bosgoed at Summit 2019: Queering Healthcare Access and Accessibility, in Vancouver October 31 - November 1. For more information visit


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Express Testing at Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
Express Testing at Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
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