G.R.O.W. + L.I.F.T. Supplemental Report

This checklist is a communication tool for academic researchers to reflexively account for how their research is effectively serving the communities and community-based organizations they (want to) work with. It is meant to be used in conversations between and among:

  • Researchers and community-based organizations
  • Research trainees and supervisors
  • Research teams, e.g., gathered for the purposes of grant-writing or research planning

The checklist is intended to guide (but not resolve) difficult and possibly time-consuming conversations about things like goals, values, expectations, financial resources, language, power, and anti-oppression.



About CBRC

Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) promotes the health of people of diverse sexualities and genders through research and intervention development.
G.R.O.W. + L.I.F.T. Supplemental Report
G.R.O.W. + L.I.F.T. Supplemental Report
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