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Sex is sacred. You can now order your free Medicine Bundle that includes an HIV and STBBI self-test kit.

This research project was made by and for the Two-Spirit, queer and trans Indigenous community with the goal of creating alternate pathways to testing and sexual health resources.

What is a Medicine Bundle?

A Medicine Bundle is personal to its carrier and contains items you have gathered and care for. This bundle is sacred to you. It contains items that support you in your personal journey and development. The Medicine Bundle helps you engage with your health in a holistic way – mind, body, spirit, and sex.

What is our sexual health Medicine Bundle?

This Medicine Bundle contains an HIV and STBBI self-test kit, Indigenous medicines, sexual health supplies and additional resources. The purpose of this bundle is to bring the sacredness back into sex and give you access to a holistic approach to your sexual health needs.

Who is the project for?

To be eligible to participate in this research project and receive a Medicine Bundle, you must:

  • Identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit)
  • Be a resident of what is colonially referred to as British Columbia
  • Be 18 years of age or older

People living with HIV can participate in the study, but we recommend requesting only STBBI self-test kits.

What is involved in the project?

You will answer questions about yourself and order a personalized Medicine Bundle that will be shipped to an address of your choosing. If there are barriers or concerns about shipping, a member of the Two-Spirit Program team will be in touch to discuss options. After you use the Medicine Bundle, we will send you another set of questions to help us understand your experience and how we can better improve the program.

For questions please email: [email protected]



The Medicine Bundle Project was made possible by REACH Nexus, CANFAR, FEAST Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research, the University of Victoria, National Microbiology Laboratory, Provincial Health Services Authority, and the First Nations Health Authority. This research project is led by principal investigator Dr. Nathan Lachowsky, University of Victoria.

Medicine Bundle Project
Medicine Bundle Project
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