AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area (ACNBA)

Where: North Bay

Offers harm reduction and safer sex supplies, including PnP-specific kits, educational materials, and linkages to care for additional support.

More information at: https://aidsnorthbay.ca/

Meth and Sex

Where: Toronto

Meth and Sex is an 8-week group was developed from a need to create a space where men trying to quit crystal meth can come and talk about the ways crystal meth effects their sexuality.

More information at: https://www.actoronto.org/programs-services/groups


Where: Virtual

This site provides info and resources for guys who party, as well as for service providers. It brings together the latest research on sexualized drug use, thought provoking articles, interviews with a range of leading professionals in the field, and a series of testimonials by queer men in and out of the PnP scene.

More information at: https://partyandplay.info/

Safer PnP

Where: Virtual

Safer PnP: an online space for cis and trans GBQ guys to connect and chat about PnP, drugs, community and harm reduction. No expectations of change, etc.

More information at: https://www.actoronto.org/safer-pnp


Where: Toronto

SPUNK! is a closed, 6 week group that focuses on developing individual goals in making changes to substance use. Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Mindfulness-based.

More information at: https://www.actoronto.org/SPUNK

Tea Party

Where: Ottawa

Tea Party is a harm reduction program for 2STLGBQ+ who use drugs with sex. Tea Party is about meeting folks where they're at on their substance use and sexual health journey.

More information at: https://twitter.com/max_ottawa/status/1557049392254828544/photo/1

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