Openly Gay Men Make Less Money

New Sex Now results presented at health summit

Gay men who are out at work make less money and are three times more likely to experience discrimination, according to the results of the 2011 Sex Now Survey.

“So people who are going into the workplace expecting to be out may come up to a shock when they find that the workplace isn’t as supportive as they thought it was,” says Terry Trussler, of the Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC), which conducts the annual Sex Now survey.

This article was written by Nathaniel Christopher and originally posted on Daily Xtra. Please click HERE to read the full article.


About CBRC

Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) promotes the health of people of diverse sexualities and genders through research and intervention development.
Openly gay men make less money, survey shows
Openly Gay Men Make Less Money
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