Pivot’s Core Modules

Pivot’s Core Modules

Pivot is a multi-pronged program pathway that involves participants progressing through three core modules. Participants are supported through each module by a comprehensive community intervention workbook which is theirs to keep. Following progression through the core modules, participants will collectively design, plan, and implement their own community intervention project.

Note: Pivot’s “core” modules are delivered by local delivery partners as a part of the program. Module materials are provided and are highly adaptable to ensure they are relevant to the local context. In addition to this, there are a number of “open” or “optional” modules that partners can access and deliver alongside the core modules, or partners can develop their own based on their own strengths and local participant interests.


Core Module One

Health Systems: Reweaving the Tapestry of Our Sexual and Reproductive Health

Core Module One, Health Systems: Reweaving the Tapestry of Our Sexual and Reproductive Health is an introductory module in which participants explore key concepts and topics related to health systems change. Participants will learn about what systems and health systems are, the importance of understanding systems to address health systems concerns, power, and taking action towards the health systems change we want to see. This module is intended to empower participants while building their knowledge and preparedness for planning community interventions that improve how 2S/LGBTQIA+ people navigate their sexual and reproductive health and care.

Core Module Two

Interwoven Realities: Critical Issues in Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2023

Core Module Two, Interwoven Realities: Critical Issues in SRH in 2023 situates participants, the program, and participants’ future activities within some of the critical issues impacting 2S/LGBTQIA+ lives. Some of these include the rise of anti-queer legislation in the US and Canada, growing resistance and restrictions to bodily autonomy, and ‘debates’ about trans inclusion in the queer community. This module connects the global to the local, highlighting important movements worldwide and across Canada, with what participants are concerned with and engaged in themselves. With these in mind, participants will explore how these issues are interconnected and will think critically about how to ground their intended actions throughout Pivot.

Core Module Three

Advocacy & Activism: Pulling on the Threads of Fatphobia and Ageism in Sexual and Reproductive Health

In Core Module Three, Advocacy & Activism: Pulling on the Threads of Fatphobia and Ageism in Sexual and Reproductive Health participants delve into two topics in need of systems change – Fatphobia and Ageism in the realm of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Fatphobia and Ageism are two issues in sexual and reproductive health that impact, or will impact, almost everyone. Despite appearing as distinctly separate issues, both stem from the same underlying source and through the content of this module, participants will be tasked with examining the roots and intersections of fatphobia and ageism to better understand how advocacy, activism, and policy in sexual and reproductive health issues overlap and interrelate. This module invites participants to consider what weight and age advocacy/activism has consisted of, currently is, and can be. Participants do this by examining the relationship/crossover between weight and age biases and, in real-time, map out the pathways and connections from individual acts of advocacy and activism leading to policy and systems change.

This module supports participants in taking the knowledge, strategies, and skills they’ve learned throughout the program and applying them through the development of systems change project concepts (community interventions) that respond to the sexual and reproductive health challenges they have prioritized. These project concepts will provide the foundation for the projects that participants will further develop and then deliver to cap off the program.


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Pivot’s Core Modules
Pivot’s Core Modules
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