PrEP: Where are We Now?

* This presentation was originally recorded in English. Closed captioning is available in both English and French.

Since Health Canada’s 2016 approval of the drug Truvada to be used as PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), this tool has been proven to be an important advancement in HIV prevention. Although it shows great efficacy in reducing the risk of infection, it is still underused by and under-promoted to many populations that are most at risk of HIV and left out of HIV prevention work. CBRC and CATIE, in partnership with Dr. Darrell Tan and The Future of PrEP is Now research team, will put a microscope to the current state of PrEP access and uptake in Canada in a two-part webinar series. Part One (Where Are We Now) will look at current PrEP options and regimens, barriers to access and what gaps exist in HIV prevention work due to intersectional, systemic discrimination. Community discussants from key underserved populations will share their perspectives on PrEP perceptions, access and uptake within their communities. These populations are currently experiencing the highest rates of HIV and low rates of PrEP use due to access barriers and adherence challenges. Part Two (Where Are We Going?) will explore long-acting PrEP and be presented later in the year.


Darrell Tan (St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto), Jessy Dame (CBRC), LaRon Nelson (Yale University, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions), Fahmy Baharuddin (LPRC), and additional panelists.

Presented by CBRC and CATIE, in partnership with The Future of PrEP is Now research team.

Click here to watch Part Two – "PrEP: Where Are We Going?"

Disponible en français.


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PrEP: Where are We Now?
PrEP: Where are We Now?
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