Project Team

This study is being led by Dr. Nathan Lachowsky (University of Victoria), who is the Principal Investigator.

The Project Team includes:

  • Laine Halpern Zisman (University of Victoria)
  • Berto Uday Norbert (Community-Based Research Centre)
  • Anu Radha Verma (Community-Based Research Centre)
  • Katie O’Brien (Community-Based Research Centre)
  • Jaylene McRae (Community-Based Research Centre).
  • Stephanie Arthur (University of Victoria)
  • Coady Babin (University of Victoria)
  • Jenna Ashley (University of Victoria)
  • Kimia Rohani (University of Victoria)
  • Anthony Amato (University of Victoria)
  • Jay Tang (University of Victoria)

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Project Team
Project Team
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