Statement of Solidarity with Williams Lake First Nation

CBRC stands in solidarity and in mourning with Williams Lake First Nation, as 93 potential human burial sites have been identified at a former residential school in Canada.

With each new discovery, a wound breaks open, and we want the families, survivors and communities directly affected by the operations at St. Joseph’s Mission to know that we grieve with you and that we will never forget this tragic loss.

Created by the Canadian Government and the Catholic Church to assimilate Indigenous children into Canadian society by destroying and erasing Indigenous culture, Canada’s residential school system was a relentless and vile form of genocide that has had a profoundly harmful effect on the lives, health, and wellbeing of generations of Indigenous people.

As an organization, CBRC is committed to reconciliation. Working collaboratively and meaningfully with Indigenous partners, leaders, and Elders, we are proud to actively support the development of Two-Spirit-led programs and initiatives that enhance the health and wellbeing of Canada’s Two-Spirit and Indigenous queer and trans communities.


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Statement of Solidarity with Williams Lake First Nation
Statement of Solidarity with Williams Lake First Nation
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