Summit 2022: Interviews with 2S/LGBTQ+ Health Leaders

For Summit 2022: Pushing Possibilities, we partnered with CATIE to create a series of short interviews with 2S/LGBTQ+ health leaders at the conference, asking them to share with us their thoughts about Summit 2022, including what they’ll be taking away from the experience and their thoughts when it comes to pushing possibilities in queer and trans health.

Presenters included researchers, social services workers and community organizers. Their perspectives are presented in 12 short videos which highlight the impactful work taking place across the country. We invite you to watch the videos linked below.

  • Tara Chanady (Université de Montréal) on invisible communities in 2S/LGBTQ+ research
  • Félix Desmeules-Trudel (Egale Canada) on supporting intersex persons
  • Alexandre Dumont Blais (RÉZO) on responding to mpox
  • Abbey Ferguson (Halifax Sexual Health Centre) on the power of community responses to health crises
  • Olivier Ferlatte (Université de Montréal) on art-based research
  • Fae Johnstone (Wisdom2Action) on pushing possibilities for queer and trans health
  • Delilah Kamuhanda (Saskatoon Sexual Health) on pushing possibilities for QTBIPOC communities
  • Nathan Lachowsky (Community-Based Research Centre) on what’s next when it comes to blood donor policies
  • Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah (Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity) on why queer and trans activism has to be anti-racist
  • Harlan Pruden (British Columbia Centre for Disease Control) on research as social change
  • Jack Saddleback (JusticeTrans) on how harm reduction can happen anywhere
  • Darrell Tan (St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto) on mobilizing community in response to mpox

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Summit 2022: Interviews with 2S/LGBTQ+ Health Leaders
Summit 2022: Interviews with 2S/LGBTQ+ Health Leaders
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