Summit 2024: Call for Proposals

We’re excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for Summit 2024, taking place on November 21st and 22nd in Vancouver, BC.

Each year, CBRC brings together diverse voices, impactful research, and innovative strategies to improve health outcomes for 2S/LGBTQIA+ communities. Whether your work is in community health promotion, research, or grassroots advocacy, we want to hear from you.

We welcome submissions from individuals, organizations, and experts across various disciplines, including healthcare providers, researchers, Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, community activists, and policymakers. This is your opportunity to showcase your work and offer practical strategies to transform healthcare for queer individuals in your community. At Summit 2024, you can engage, educate, and empower participants to influence the future of 2S/LGBTQIA+ health.

First-time presenters are encouraged to apply. If you need assistance preparing your proposal, please contact us at [email protected].

Submit Your Proposal

Important Dates

  • Proposal submission deadline: 11:59pm on July 28, 2024, Pacific Time.
  • Notification of acceptance: End of August 2024

Summit Theme

We are proud to announce that the 2024 Summit theme is Vigilance & Vision. Learn more by reading our 2024 Summit Narrative Statement here.

Who We're Looking For

We welcome proposals from:

  • Community and grassroots organizers
  • Staff and volunteers of community organizations
  • Researchers and students
  • Health and service providers
  • Government staff and policymakers
  • 2S/LGBTQIA+ community members

We especially encourage submissions from Indigenous, Black, and racialized individuals, Francophones, and historically underserved and underrepresented people, including but not limited to people living with HIV, people who use substances, sex workers, disabled folks, and people who are not “out”.

What We're Looking For

With a focus on 2S/LGBTQIA+ health, we are looking for submissions that:

  • Identify unmet community needs
  • Showcase innovative work and interventions
  • Offer promising practices and practical strategies to overcome challenges and achieve progress
  • Highlight lived experiences and community successes
  • Integrate intersectional approaches to address interconnected challenges
  • Contribute to broader movements for social justice and equity

Submissions can be based on: 

  • Research
  • Programming
  • Policy initiatives
  • Advocacy
  • Activism
  • Arts-based approaches
  • Grassroots responses
  • Community-based actions

Presentation Format

Through interactive sessions, the Summit fosters dialogue among participants and presenters, exploring the latest research, programming and advocacy work by and for 2S/LGBTQIA+ people. Summit sessions can be any format that you propose, including formats listed below:

  • Short oral presentation
    Presenters deliver 10-12 minute presentations on a topic. Summit organizers will group presentations under a common theme together as a one-panel session. The session will conclude with a question and answer period between participants and all presenters in the session.
  • Roundtable discussion
    One presenter, or multiple presenters, presents on a topic and leads a discussion with participants in a 75-minute session.
  • Talking Circle
    Facilitated sessions where participants learn, listen, and actively participate in discussions on a specific topic.
  • Workshop
    As part of a 75-minute session, workshops aim to build the capacity of Summit participants in specific skills. Workshops are facilitated as interactive sessions.
  • Panel
    Panels bring together multiple experts on one subject, concept, or theme. Panel presenters each give their unique insight into the topic with short oral presentations, and the session concludes with a question and answer period between participants and presenters.
  • Poster Presentation
    The presenter submits a poster to be displayed at the conference. An interactive conference reception session featuring all posters will be hosted, and will allow poster presenters the chance to interact with participants and answer questions.

We welcome and actively encourage non-traditional methods of presenting knowledge and are particularly interested in creative and engaging sessions (e.g. arts-based). If there is a format that works best for you that you do not see listed above, please let us know! We are always happy to incorporate new ways of sharing information into the Summit. If you have questions or concerns about which presentation type is the best fit for your proposal, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Selection Process

All proposals are reviewed by a panel of external Summit Programming Committee members and CBRC staff. Reviewers are located across the country and represent diverse lived experiences, reflecting the Summit’s “by us and for us” approach. All proposals will be evaluated based on their alignment with the Summit 2024 theme and how well they answer the questions posed in the proposal submission form.

Speaker Benefits & Logistics 

Summit presenters are expected to pay a registration fee and cover their own travel and accommodation costs. CBRC is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for presenters and participants. This commitment includes a discounted rate for presenters. Presenters will receive a 25% discount on Summit registration fees. Summit registration rates, without discount, are:

  • $700 regular rate (e.g. healthcare providers, academic researchers, policymakers)
  • $400 community and non-profit rate (e.g. community-based organization staff, 2S/LGBTQIA+ community members)

Beyond a discounted rate, CBRC may be able to provide limited financial support to presenters for whom costs would prevent participation. Presenters requiring financial assistance should indicate so in the proposal submission form.


For any questions or additional information, please contact us directly at [email protected]If you want to see the full questionnaire before submitting the form through Pretalx, please click here.


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Summit 2024: Call for Proposals
Summit 2024: Call for Proposals
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