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Summit 2024: Vigilance & Vision

Canada is on a precipice. With a federal election on the horizon, harbouring the potential of a massive political regime change, queer and trans communities face the possibilities of harsh funding cuts and renewed debates about what it means for us to live, love, and access health care.

Beyond these threats, a chilling effect which dampens support for our communities sweeps across the nation. Anti-2S/LGBTQIA+ extremist and populist movements have become more vocal and organized in lobbying disinformation and scare tactics to create the misperception that the progress 2S/LGBTQIA+ people seek in public policies—such as health care and education—to make society more inclusive and affirming for all are inherently harmful to the general public.

This could not be further from the truth. The significant gains that queer and trans activists have fought for have improved health and wellness for many within and beyond our communities. When we make systems safer and more supportive for 2S/LGBTQIA+ people, they become safer and more supportive for everyone. 

Yet decision-makers and practitioners continue to fall for and pursue false narratives concerning gender-affirming care, sex education, substance use, reproductive care, HIV and STIs, and many other issues that deeply impact us. This has been especially true concerning trans and gender-diverse people who have been made the latest target of hate campaigns. Even those who identify as allies are turning away for fear of blowback, retribution, and condemnation. 

But this doesn’t have to be how our story goes. By coming together, building coalitions, and making noise, we can better recentre ourselves in conversations about our health and wellbeing to help correct the narrative. It is in this spirit that we invite you to join Summit 2024. 

This Summit, we want to highlight Two-Spirit, queer, and trans people who are taking back control of our community’s narrative and care—leading research, developing resources, and delivering programs designed by and for 2S/LGBTQIA+ communities. We want to uplift and celebrate each other and bring joy to work that can too often exhaust so many of us. We want to find new ways to synergize and propel forward our intersecting movements: anti-racism, anti-colonialism, disability justice, and more. And we want to champion new, creative ways of reaching the members of our communities with health solutions—and generating innovative solutions.

After all, this is not just about holding the line. We want to advance our position, making life better for all 2S/LGBTQIA+ people. Defiance must be met with innovation, and frustration with optimism. At Summit 2024, it’s time we take back our stories.

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Information on Summit 2024

CBRC’s annual knowledge exchange and capacity building conference on 2S/LGBTQIA+ health research, programming, and advocacy in Canada takes place in Vancouver on November 21-22, 2024 at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel.

The Summit aims to promote 2S/LGBTQIA+ health care, research, and social services, as well as share best practice applications of, and new research informing 2S/LGBTQIA+ culturally responsive health care. As well, this forum is a space to build the capacities of health care providers, researchers, and community members to address issues in 2S/LGBTQIA+ health. In addition, the Summit aims to bring folks together to develop and improve networks of 2S/LGBTQIA+ communities working to strengthen the health and wellbeing of our communities, by facilitating dialogue around current research and advocacy work happening in these communities.

Summit 2024 is an in-person conference, with select plenary and concurrent sessions available for participation via livestream, and viewable after the conference on our Summit content library.

A limited number of scholarships will be made available for confirmed Summit 2024 presenters, including support for transportation and accommodation costs, as well as discounted registration fees. If you require financial support to present at the Summit, please be sure to indicate this in the proposal submission form.

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About Submitting a Proposal to Summit 2024

We’re excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for Summit 2024, taking place on November 21st and 22nd in Vancouver, BC.

Each year, CBRC brings together diverse voices, impactful research, and innovative strategies to improve health outcomes for 2S/LGBTQIA+ communities. Whether your work is in community health promotion, research, or grassroots advocacy, we want to hear from you.

We welcome submissions from individuals, organizations, and experts across various disciplines, including healthcare providers, researchers, Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, community activists, and policymakers. This is your opportunity to showcase your work and offer practical strategies to transform healthcare for queer individuals in your community. At Summit 2024, you can engage, educate, and empower participants to influence the future of 2S/LGBTQIA+ health.

First-time presenters are encouraged to apply. If you need assistance preparing your proposal, please contact us at [email protected].

Important Dates:

  • Proposal submission deadline: 11:59pm on July 28, 2024, Pacific Time.
  • Notification of acceptance: End of August 2024

To read our full submission guidelines, please click here. Ready to submit your proposal? Click here:

We look forward to your submissions!

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Accessibility Statement

CBRC is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible Summit in order to support participation for everyone. This commitment includes: 

  • offering full and partial scholarships for confirmed Summit presenters, 
  • providing free livestream access for remote participation in selected plenary and concurrent sessions, 
  • enabling simultaneous interpretation and captioning services (in-person and online),
  • offering support to potential Summit 2024 proposal submission authors, and 
  • ensuring that conference proceedings and ancillary/social events are fully accessible for people with physical disabilities (e.g. wheelchair access, reserved front row seating).

Though we are doing our best to enable everyone’s participation during the Summit, we recognize that some needs may not be met through these measures. If you have other accessibility needs which have not been addressed through this statement, please let us know when completing your registration.

If you have questions or comments regarding accessibility for Summit 2024, please contact [email protected].

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Community Guidelines

Our shared commitment to queer and trans health is part of what brings us together at Summit each year. In response to feedback from participants, we have introduced community guidelines to help us build a safer, supportive, and inclusive space. These guidelines include our expectations for how we treat each other within this space. We ask that you please:

  1. Respect personal experiences. In many cases, presenters, moderators, facilitators, and participants share their personal experiences as part of the Summit. We know these personal experiences are powerful in shaping our understanding of the world around us. The experiences, and the words that the person uses to describe them, are not up for debate or disagreement.
  2. Follow guidelines from presenters, moderators, and facilitators. Summit welcomes many presenters and guests each year, and there are a variety of session types, each with different possibilities for participation. Throughout Summit, follow the specific guidelines for each presentation about confidentiality and participation (e.g., posting comments or questions). Most sessions will be recorded and published online in our content library after the Summit. If you have any concerns about being included in a recorded session, please contact us at [email protected].
  3. Share the space! Many of us have lots to say about the topics we will be considering. During questions and conversations, our team will prioritize first-time attendees, those who have not yet spoken, and people who identify as a peer to the topic being discussed. We will do our best to ensure as many people as possible join the discussion. When participating in the live chat during an online presentation, please ask your question or make your comment once, and our team will be sure to pass them on to the presenters.
  4. Participate from a place of learning and with an open mind. We all have something to learn from the Summit program, as well as things we can teach others. As a participant, you will play a key role in pushing discussions forward, asking questions, and building your capacity to enact change in your own local community.
  5. Presentations will be in the language preferred by the presenter(s)/speaker(s). We aim to ensure every online presentation is accessible in either French or English by means of simultaneous automated closed captioning. All plenary and keynote sessions will include live interpretation. Live interpretation will also be available for one out of the three presentations per concurrent session.

The live chat will be monitored for all online Summit sessions. We will work with participants to ensure that all community guidelines are upheld and will follow up directly with those who do not respect them. If an attendee is unable to participate in the Summit in a way that creates a supportive environment for everyone, they will be removed. Should you have a concern about someone’s behaviour, please let us know at [email protected].

Racism, transphobia, biphobia, sexism, homophobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, classism, fatphobia, Islamophobia, and other forms of discrimination or hate speech, as well as intimidation and personal attacks, are not permitted. Our team will address any of these instances immediately and will remove any participant who behaves in this way.

Content Note and Accessing Support: The Summit will cover a range of topics, including many that may bring up harmful, traumatic, violent, or isolating experiences. These topics include racism, anti-Black violence, sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts, criminalization of people living with HIV, suicide, addiction, sexualized violence, cissexism, and colonization.

We recognize that these kinds of presentations may be emotionally taxing for Black folks, Indigenous Peoples, and people of colour (BIPOC). We encourage participants to reach out to the counselling and mental health professionals that have partnered with Summit to process any of the content, feelings, or experiences it brings up. We also encourage participants to choose whether or not to attend sessions based on their content.

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About Summit

The Summit is CBRC’s annual national knowledge exchange and capacity building conference on the health of 2S/LGBTQIA+ people. Since 2005, the Summit has brought together researchers, service providers, community members, and organizations from across Canada to share the latest in queer and trans health research, programming, services, and advocacy. While the Summit has historically focused on addressing the impacts of HIV and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI) on gay, bisexual, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer (GBT2Q) people, in recent years the conference has made intentional shifts to become a more inclusive space to engage with 2S/LGBTQIA+ community-based research, health promotion, and advocacy.

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Summit 2024
Summit 2024
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