Arjun Lal – Vagine Accesses Information

Arjun Lal – Vagine Accesses Information

Vagine Accesses Information

“Conversation is a resource I use when accessing information. While emailing is useful, I find it challenging to express tone without sound. Through more personal interactions such as over the phone, tone can convey so many feelings such as vulnerability, fear, and curiosity. From my own experiences, tone has helped me navigate interactions with intimacy and honesty in situations where words alone are not enough.”

Arjun Lal explores our relationship to substance use and information. They are interested in the ease to which we are able to access information on other consumables through conversation. The ability to gain information and insight from others on something as basic as food is sharply contrasted with the shroud of mystery that surrounds substance use.

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About the Creator:

Arjun Lal (he/they him/them) – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Arjun Lal is a queer Interdisciplinary artist from Indian diaspora. Lal creates both visual and performance work, often inspired by conflict, as a form of healing. “Art for me is a tool for positive change”.


Lal’s alter-ego, Vagine, has created a safe online space for self expression. “Vagine allows me to present parts of myself that are otherwise censored to fit in heteronormative spaces and audiences. Most spaces and audiences are not welcoming to queer content so Lal takes the time to create queer space through his work.

Lal seeks to continuously learn about contemporary 2SLGBTQIA+ culture. He joined the CBRC creators to learn and inform future projects.

Follow Arjun on Instagram (Arjun and Vagine), and on YouTube.

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Arjun Lal – Vagine Accesses Information
Arjun Lal – Vagine Accesses Information
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