Making Visible the Impacts of COVID-19 On Our Communities

* This presentation was originally recorded in English. Closed captioning is available in both English and French.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected our communities? Very few government or public health agencies have collected information to differentiate the experiences of gay, bi, and queer men as well as Two-Spirit and non-binary people from general society. We know from decades of research about the underlying social and health inequities experienced by our communities, but how did COVID-19 and our different public health responses across the country attend to or exacerbate these issues? To address this knowledge gap, CBRC launched a national bilingual COVID-19 survey in August 2020. Using CBRC's previous Sex Now 2019 survey as a “pre-COVID” baseline, we will learn how this new pandemic impacted our communities. We will also present new collaborative research plans for a novel COVID-19 study for all LGBTQ2+ people across Canada.

Nathan Lachowsky is Research Director at the CBRC and Principal Investigaytor of the Sex Now survey. He is also an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar at the University of Victoria.

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Making Visible the Impacts of COVID-19 On Our Communities
Making Visible the Impacts of COVID-19 On Our Communities
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